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Solar Control Window Film

Throughout the day, heat generated by the sun can build which could result in rooms being uncomfortably warm or could even result in rooms being unusable. By simply applying solar control window film to your glass, this build up is reduced, ensuring a more moderate temperature allowing you to enjoy every room in your home/office.

Not only does solar control window film ensure a moderate temperature, the majority of films in the range filter out around 99% of UV rays, which are one of the major causes of fading. Continuous exposure to UV rays can also be harmful to skin, so an application of window film can actually bring health benefits too.

Another benefit of solar control window film is that it will also help reduce glare. Glare can be an issue all year round, whether it is the low lying sun in the winter or the bright light of summer. The sun can quite often make it difficult to see computer or television screens. Our window film could help by reducing the glare by up to 81%.

We offer a wide range of solar-control films that are available in a range of finishes and grades. It’s important to remember that whilst delivering these benefits, solar control window film will not make your room feel cold or dark. This type of film has been specifically manufactured and engineered to provide the best possible performance in order to allow homeowners to make the most of their homes and Conservatories and offices alike.

Safety Film – Regulation 14

When installed correctly, safety film will hold glass together on impact. In the past, there has been many injuries sustained by glass since it became law that existing glass must be upgraded to break safely and must meet safety requirements.

Building owners, tenants and health & safety managers need to be are aware of glass types on there premisses in the locations within Regulation 14. Here at UK Protints, we have many years of experience in providing accurate guidance with this safety regulation.

We are able to adapt our reports to only include specific glass within Critical Locations or we can expand our details to incorporate other areas of concern linked with other glass safety related legislations. Our recommendations are given clearly with costings provided for compliance including the application of safety window films.

Blast Mitigation Film

Blast mitigation film helps to improve the safety of people and properties by helping to hold the glass together in the event of an attack. Compared to an anti shatter film, the blast mitigation film is a much more robust film with a higher performance. More often than not, windows are often the most vulnerable part of any premises and if they’re ever in the event of an attack, they can become the most dangerous feature. A high percentage of all injuries associated with an explosion are not actually caused by the blast itself, they are actually caused by the glass shards scattering around from surrounding windows that are shattered by the shockwave.

Opaque Window Film

Opaque window film has become one of the most popular contemporary interior design solutions. A durable, professional standard window film, opaque will give your glass the appearance of sandblasted or etched glass. The versatility of our opaque film makes it suitable for use in a wide. Range of situations, and out extensive choice of designs and patterns, combined with a number of different finish results means you are certain to find the product to achieve the window graphics that you desire.

Conservatory & Atrium Films

When conservatory window films are produced, they are specifically designed to prevent any heat building up within the room. The special film is applied to the inside of a conservatory roof, both glass and polycarbonate, and rejects any heat and glare from the outside before it gets a chance to enter the room. This is one of the reasons why conservatory window films provide a better and more effective alternative to blinds, this is because blinds are usually placed further away from the window which will give the heat a better chance of entering the room, this will result in a rise in temperatures. After the application is completed, conservatory window films will prevent a build-up of heat, without making your conservatory feel cold or dark.

The film is also great for getting rid of any glare, with types of conservatory window film reducing it by up to 80%, it allows you to watch television, read or even work in your conservatory without having your vision blurred by the sun.
When the film is applied to the roof of your conservatory, it involves working overhead and at height. DIY installation is possible, however, we do advise that conservatory window film is fitted by one of our experts.

Window Insulation Film

With our window insulation film you are able to reduce excess heat gain on warm sunny days, whilst also being able to limit heat loss in the winter. The window insulation film is a very thin self adhesive material made of several layers which include small pieces of metallic material which is designed to capture infrared light and preventing it from filtering through to the room.
This particular film is ideal for homes or offices. It can be applied on literally any glass surface. This film enhances your comfort without the negativity of losing natural light associated with reflective and tinted films. This film is very popular with food retailers and ideal for properties with large amounts of glass, where the savings will be more significant.

UV Window Film

Ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun can have extremely harmful effects on your skin and can cause irreversible fading and damage to your fabrics, furnishings, ornaments and even paintings. UV film is also recommended for protecting people suffering from acute sensitivity to ultra-violet light. UV window films cut out almost all of UV rays helping to slow the affects of fading and the related damages that can be caused. In addition to this, this film is optically clear which means that it does not change the appearance of glass which means you don’t have to worry about any change of colour.